One of the most common questions I am asked is "What does 'IEC' stand for?"

The IEC stands for the "Intrepid Enterprises Corporation."  This fictional-future corporate entity holds a great many contracts with different worlds, countries, and others to provide transportation, medical, security and even military services to its clients.  To the Men and Women of the IEC, the term "Intrepid" is a standard of excellence.  It epitomizes the dauntless human spirit which has steadfastly challenged and explored the Universe. 

I invite you to join the journey of my imagination.


Do you have what it takes?

Earth had grown tired and used.  Life was dull and repetitive.  Modern living had squelched the once-indomitable human spirit into a mundane, redundant existence.

Upon the location of a "goldilocks"€ solar system, the Intrepid Enterprises Corporation sought to re-awaken the deadened soul of humanity.  Embarking upon an un- precedented expedition, Commander Steven Jacobsen and his young wife, Asami, found the spark within themselves.  They would boldly leave it all behind, and choose to be among those brave souls seeking a new home and new way for humanity.

Until something went terribly wrong.

Would their faith in themselves, their friends and each other be enough to overcome the odds?  Beyond mere courage or bravery, they find their spirits tested to their limits. For the fate of themselves, humanity, and all they love, they must survive unknown perils, persevere against uncertain dangers, and inspire the best of the human spirit to endure.

They must truly be ... Intrepid.


For over five thousand years, the relocated humans of the Carran Solar System have dwelled in blissful ignorance of their true origins, and have known peace and prosperity. 

Now the discovery of an ancient artifact … a secret diary which chronicled the entire exodus from Earth … threatens to unravel everything and plunge this remnant of humanity into turmoil. 

A renegade former Admiral, and others also pose new threats endangering the lives of billions.  Commander Jacobsen of the Intrepid Enterprises Corporation and his team are forced to divide their efforts to combat these dangers, and protect humanity at all costs. 

With no help or back up, and the Commander’s life in jeopardy, a former party-girl from Corporia must find the strength to overcome the evils of the present, as well as vanquish the demons of the past.  

With so much at stake, she must strive to find that inner spirit of valor and bravery in the face of uncertain odds … and surely be Indomitable! 

It’s been said that all good things must come to an end.   When a terrible new danger begins to cost the lives of billions of innocent people, Commander Jacobsen and the Titan Command Group must set aside their long-held secrets in order to save humanity. 

Ancient dangers are awakened by the enemy and blended with outlawed technological experiments. Old comrades and new compatriots must unite side by side and merge into one cohesive unit if they are to save the Great Society. 

Forced to use new, untested hardware in the face of the most diabolical opponent ever encountered, and with only a handful of seasoned Troopers among their ranks, the IEC Leaders must risk it all. 

With everything on the line, they must step into the light.  Will they gain the trust of the people they deceived for so long, or be derided by those very souls they are trying to save?  By sheer force of love, and with honor, courage and heart they must transcend themselves beyond all definable terms and unquestionably become … Ineffable!

When an ancient discovery sheds clues to the possible location of humanity’s origin, Commander Jacobsen and the IEC prepare a joint mission with the civilian science community of the Great Society. 

Embarking upon a quest of discovery, the undaunted explorers and crew of the IEC’s newly-christened ship, the “Pathfinder,” find themselves suddenly entangled within a web of danger, treachery, and deceit. 

While facing an unimaginably perilous alien world, a face from the Commander’s own centuries-old past will unexpectedly bring Steve and Sybil full circle. 

With danger at every turn, they must call upon every bit of their fortitude, perseverance, and love for each other, if they hope to win the day. 

Souls will be tested, hearts will be tempered, and truths will be revealed, on a sinister and bloody world called … Intromita!


Miracles happen! She was told that it was impossible; that the consequences of her wild youth had cost her dearly; that being barren was the price.  But fate continued to deal Commander Steve Jacobsen and his beautiful wife, Sybil, a very different hand. 

Amidst mounting political pressures, as rival corporations try to force the World Council to make the IEC hand over its advanced technology, Commander Jacobsen is abducted. 

As Colonel Valerie Hartess and the Intrepid Enterprises Corporation’s Command Staff step up to fill the void, other unexpected revelations come into the blinding light of day. 

Could the price of this miracle be too high?   Could it really be a curse? Is the fickle hand of fate about to unravel all which Steve and Sybil have striven for so long to keep together? 

As they are forced to deal the hand they’ve been dealt, Steve, Sybil and the rest of the IEC must once again pull together, if they are to persevere and endure the revelations of Illuminous!


Before she could go forward … she had to go back!  When Colonel Valerie Hartess is poisoned by a mysterious toxin, Lt. Colonel Kelly Moore must do all she can to save her.

As mercenaries and profiteers continue to press and attack, seeking to get at the secrets of the IEC’s technology, Kelly is forced to awaken forgotten memories.  She must relive the most hellish experience imaginable, if there is to be any hope for Valerie. 

From the mind of International Author, Jim Ballentine, we are granted a view of Kelly’s past as she encounters the strange child-licensing laws of the Danagorian Province; as she fights for another young woman’s rights; and as she, herself, is brutally raped and viciously abused to the point of near-insanity. 

Our journey will also re-visit Sybil as a young lieutenant striving to put her party-girl past in the rear view mirror, and finding a warrior spirit dwelling deep within her.  Other questions will be answered as the twists and turns provide a deeper understanding … an intuitive look … and a good amount … of Insight!


What does it mean?

While on a holiday trip to the Kelwyn System, Steve, Sybil, and Kyria must employ desperate measures to escape an assassination attempt on their lives. 

Taking a leap of faith, they become inextricably lost as simple sojourners in a far-away and amazing land. 

With naught but the clothes on their backs they strive to learn this strange world’s culture, it’s customs, and language.  Despite their differences, the small family’s example of trust, respect, and love for one another shines forth. 

As they make a home for themselves, they learn the reason for this wonderful place, and the dark secrets it holds.  Amidst the rich and ancient knowledge stored away in vast archives, also lies danger which threatens them all.  

The small family must now awaken this world from its complacent slumber, and teach its people how to live, love, and fight if they ever hope to save … In·SartiKa!




How far is too far?

Liz Munsen was a simple accounting clerk ... with a secret.

But are some secrets better left hidden?

What happens when someone pushes too far ... and what can Liz do to keep her secret safe?




                                                                  INTRODUCING A NEW GENRE FOR NOVELSBYJIM.COM 

                                Please join me in my first foray into the realm of Urban Thriller with my premiere novella "Tabitha"

"Take me instead!"

Ominous words are spoken as Sybil is faced with the ultimate choice.

To save those she loves, Major Sybil Jacobsen unconditionally surrenders herself.

"Bad guys" act like 'bad' guys as this dark and gritty adventure unfolds and Sybil is plunged into a situation of cosmic proportions. Commander Jacobsen must also live with the ramifications and consequences of what befalls them all.

Will the valiant Commander bear the pain and loss like he did with the murder of his first wife, Asami ?

Could there ever be a way back from everything ... can faith alone be enough ... or are some choices truly unrecoverable and are some actions Irredeemable?